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• 8/16/2018

The Attack 2

I am looking for people who want a suite at the Attack.
To join me contact me on my wall of discution.
And here is the forum page to discuss all this ->
The Attack ...
The Attack ... Lab Rats: Elite Force Wikia
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• 11/25/2017

What are the season 2 episodes?

What are all the episodes for season 2.Create Your own.
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• 9/21/2017

Lab Rats Wiki Reunion

Hello, everyone! We, Leo Corp (SuperSaiyanLabRats) and Aardvark Banana, decided to host a get-together/reunion for members of the Lab Rats and Elite Force wikis. It’s been a long time, so we would love to talk to everyone again. Some of us left on bad or open-ended terms with each other, but regardless of how we left, let's let bygones be bygones. That's all in the past. We've had some great memories on the wiki but left on a not-so-good note. We don't want that to be the last thing we remember from the Lab Rats wiki, and would love it if we could see some returning faces. We miss talking to SO many of you and just love the idea of seeing how everyone's doing.
The event will take place from Saturday, September 23, 10:00 AM PT, to 7:00 PM PT (that's 12:00 PM CT, to 9:00 PM and 1:00 PM ET to 10:00 PM). We will do it again on Sunday for the people who couldn't make it on Saturday and the people who'd just like to chat for another day. The times will be the same and although we have set a time, it doesn't mean that people can't join or leave whenever they want. Feel free to come and go any hour as you please. Come early and stay later if you'd like. We won't mind! xD The reunion will be held here: … …
All are welcome to join, so even if you weren't there for the OG days we'd still love to have you show up. No one should be left out and we would love to see some new faces or (technically) account names! xD We hope to see many of you and let's all have a good time! (:
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• 8/1/2017

lab rats : Elite Force

im wroing if the show lab rats coming back this fall
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• 2/12/2017

Lab rats elite force season 2

Moving it to a new network maybe Netflix
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• 1/10/2017

Season 2??

Did Elite Force end?? Will there be a season 2??
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• 12/26/2016

The Bree Chronicles

Wacth the first episode of The Bree Chronicles on my YouTube Channel Kidofilms. Save Lab Rats!
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• 11/18/2016


has experion ever used gravity manipulation in mighty med
and if so when?
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• 11/18/2016


In mighty med has experion ever used gravity manipulation
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• 10/25/2016

Skylar's Size Alteration

Does anyone know what episodes of Lab Rats Elite Force or Mighty Med where Skylars Size Alteration powers are mentioned or used?
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• 9/25/2016

Found the state centium city would be in supposedly

Hello, I think i have found a possible state that centium city would be in and now think for a minute, remember the first episode that the Davenport's building has 110 Floors, and all I had to do is research a list of building that has 110 floors or more found on wikipedia page here at the link below:

and sorry to break the news there are no completed buildings with an exact number of 110 floors, how ever, there is one completed build with 108 floors which is the Willis Tower(also Known as the Sears tower) and there is one uncompleted building that would have had 111 floors and the name of the uncompleted building would be this Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Residence Tower, and now there is another uncompleted building rendering that would look similar to the Davenports building, but this build would have 150 floors not 110. and the building is Chicago Spire. So I would go with the first two but they are both in the city Chicago, Illinois. so Illinois is the State in which centium city is possibly located at.if it were a real city of course but it's just a theory.
What do you think.
List of buildings with 100 floors or more - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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• 9/23/2016

Hey guys!

Hey Eliteforcers,

I'm just trying out the new discussions system out. It's pretty cool.
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• 9/17/2016

Quick Update: YouTube

Hello Eliteforcers!
Just so everyone is aware, our YouTube channel will be continuing starting whenever the next promo airs, which is hopefully tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe, and like our future videos! It really helps, and is really appreciated. Be sure to also share them on the Wikia too, that also helps.

YouTube Channel:

Elite Force Wiki
Elite Force Wiki YouTube
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• 9/17/2016

Quick Updates Notice

Stay tuned on Discussions, this is the place quick updates about the Wikia may be posted. One will be posted right after this one, so be sure to read it.
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• 9/17/2016

Hey Everybody!

Just trying this new discussions system out. Seems a little like Twitter oddly to me, I think it's neat.

Anyways, see ya!
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• 9/16/2016

What Do You Think About Discussions?

Hey Mobile Eliteforcers,

I just wanted to know what you thought about discussions. If you think it is suitable for this wiki, if we need to change something, etc. We are always here to help! :)
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• 9/15/2016

Lab Rats: Elite Force

My discussion is about adam davenport and Skylar storm. Ppl wonder whether adam davenport or Skylar are stronger than the other. Adam is stronger because The Crusher had a little bit of straining when lifting those weights in Lab Rats vs Mighty Med part ll while adam easily lifted them with one hand. Skylar is not stronger than the Crusher so adam is stronger. It would be important to note that when adam davenport lifted those weights with his one hand, it took Crusher down and he couldn't get back up.
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