AJase (AJ and Ch\ase) is the pairing between Chase Davenport and AJ.

Other Names

  • ChaJ (Cha\se and A\J)


The Intruder

  • AJ memorized what Chase was doing on a Saturday night.
  • AJ hacked into Chase's chip to mess with him.
  • AJ figured out how to stop Chase's magnetism app from gltiching when Douglas couldn't.
  • Chase admited that he was impressed with AJ's intelligence.
  • Chase said that AJ could come back if he wanted to.

The Rock

  • Chase stopped AJ from touching the Arcturion.
  • AJ helped Chase create his hover bike to get to missions faster.
  • AJ (and Oliver) pranked Chase.



This user ships AJase!


The image gallery for AJase may be viewed here.

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