Admin Monitoring System

Welcome to the Admin Monitoring System. Here, you will be able to find tasks that each admin was assigned. If you are an admin, you are expected to check this monthly. You will be assigned a page, forum, etc. and will be expected to complete it. For policies for the Admin Monitoring System, look below.

User Task
Bionicforce (head)
  • Oversee AMS
  • Monitor Community Pages (News, Staff, Policies, Sidebar, etc.)
  • Host Fanart Contests and host Chat Parties.
  • Adoptive founder
  • Bureaucrat council member
Duggie Davenport (head)
  • Monitor Episode Guide and Episode pages.
  • Create "Episode Discussion" Forums.
  • Monitor Relationships pages
  • Host Fanfiction Contests and co-host Chat parties.
  • Assistant Chat Party Director
  • Head Admin (Title)
  • Bureaucrat council founder and leader
EletricSupernova (head)
Chase McFly

If you need assistance, please contact a bureaucrat (Bionicforce, Duggie Davenport or Chase McFly). If you need to change, fix, or remove your missions, please contact a bureaucrat.


  • All Rules from our Policies still apply - All rules including but not limited to no profanity, staying on topic, disturbing content, plagerism, etc. Please take note that all rules (including Editing, Commenting, and Gallery) still apply.
  • Everyone is welcome to edit on any page - Any user can edit any page (unless it's been locked) on the wiki. This system is just for administrators to monitor comments on the page and look for any problems and change it. We will never restrict you from editing a page (that is not locked).

For Admins

  • Do not do anyone else's assignment - If a user is not able to do their assignment due to vacation, rest, etc., they should contact the head(s) (Bionicforce, Duggie Davenport or Chase McFly), and tell them. The director will either complete the task themself or ask another member of the team to do it. The only exception to this rule are editing episode pages, galleries, character pages, and any other show-related pages. This rule applies to Forums, community pages, etc.
    • Address Major Problems - Although you are not suppose to do others jobs, if someone posted something that is majorly against our rules and you see it, please address it if you're active.
  • Respect All Users - If a user needs to be addressed, please do it with kindness and respect. No one is above another on the wiki, everyone is equal and should not be treated as anything lower.