Braris (Br/adley and P/aris) is the friendship pairing between Bradley Steven Perry and Paris Berelc.

For the in-show pairing between Kaz and Skylar, see Skaz.

Other Names

  • Baris (B/radley + P/aris)
  • Pradley (P/aris + B/radley)
  • Pariley (Pari/s + Brad/ley)
  • Parisley (Paris +Brad/ley)


  • Paris tweeted "The truth is out @bradley_s_perry"
    • Bradley responded: "only took 3 years".
  • Paris posts a lot of pictures of her and Bradley.
  • Paris was already a fan of Bradley before they met.


The image gallery for Braris may be viewed here.


Code: Braris

This user ships Braris!

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