Briker (Br/ee + R/iker) is the romantic/enemy pairing between Bree Davenport and Riker.

Other Names

  • Biker (B/ree + R/iker)
  • Rikee (Rik/er + Br/ee)
  • Breker (Bre/e + Ri/ker)


Bree and Riker are one of the archenemies of each other. This, however, is only because Bree is protecting the Elite Force. Despite being enemies, Bree has complimented Riker before.


Season 1

The Rise of Five

  • Bree said that Riker was cute. In return, Riker smirked at her.
  • Riker (and Roman) fought Bree (and the Elite Force).

The List

  • Bree (and Chase) captured Riker.
  • Bree returned Riker to his brother.


Briker Fanon

Shipper's Name:

Episode: The List - Bree and Riker have the most significant interactions in this episode.

Number: 9 - Bree has 4 letters in her name; Riker has 5. 4+5=9

Color: Black - Riker wears mostly black. Bree's old mission suit was black and her new one is partially black.


  • Both have stealthy powers. Bree has invisibility, and Riker can shapeshift.
  • Both work with one of their siblings. Bree with Chase and Riker with Roman.
  • Bree thought Riker was cute.
  • Although Bree seems to like Riker, she doesn't let that get in the way of her stopping them.


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