Brilliam (Br/adley and W/illiam) is the friendship pairing of Bradley Steven Perry and William Brent.

For the in-show pairing of Chase and Kaz, see "Khase"


  • William said that when they filmed Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, it was like having a best friend on set.
  • On Tigerbeat's snapchat, Bradley said that he and William are both really into Star Wars and like to have lightsaber battles on set.
  • Bradley would take William as his wingman.[1]
  • Bradley said that the best part of his Lab Rats: Elite Force dressing room is that he's next to William.


  • They've known each other for at least 7 years.
  • They are given equal billing in the opening.
  • They were both in the movie Opposite Day.
  • Their dressing rooms are next to each other.


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