Brob (Br/ee and B/ob) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Bob and Bree Davenport.

Other Names

  • Boree
  • Breob


Bob had a crush on Bree ever since he first met her at the Davenport Bionic Academy. He did strange tasks to show his affection, such as wrestling a manatee to give her a seaweed necklace. During the Bionic Rebellion, Bob seemed to hate Bree (along with her family) but once everything was cleared up, his crush on her resurfaced. He once made Bree jealous by pretending to like Caitlin. In The Vanishing, Bob was going to stand up for Bree, but left when Bree said she wasn't "his woman". It is revealed in Coming Through in the Clutch, Bob still has feelings for Bree and thinks he's old enough for her, but she still doesn't reciprocate. Chase tells Bob to keep asking Bree out because it's funny.


Season One

Coming Through in the Clutch

  • Bob and Chase competed against Bree and Zoe in the mini olympics.

Brob Fanon

Shippers Name

Episode: Coming Through in the Clutch

Number: 7 - Bob has 3 letters, Bree has 4. (3+4=7)



  • They both lived at the Davenport Bionic Academy.
  • Bree doesn't want to date Bob, but also prevented someone else from dating him.