Chakaver is the friendship pairing of Chase, Kaz and Oliver. They are the boys of the Elite Force.


Season 1

Holding Out for a Hero

  • Chase and Kaz help Oliver's confidence by letting him save Mr. Davenport.

The Rock

  • Chase enlisted Kaz and Oliver's help to save AJ from crashing his speed-bike.

Game of Drones

  • They helped to build a drone together.

Other Names

  • Olichaz (Oli/ver, Ch/ase and K/az)
  • Kolase (K/az, Ol/iver and Ch/ase)
  • Chaziver (Ch/ase, K/az and Ol/iver)
  • Chakaziver (Cha/se, Kaz and Ol/iver)
  • Kacholiver (Ka/z, Ch/ase and Oliver)
  • Cholivaz (Ch/ase, Oli/ver, and K/az)


This user ships Chakaver!

Code: Chakaver


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