No, don't do it!
— Crossbow in The List

Crossbow is a guest character in Lab Rats: Elite Force.

She is portrayed by Pepi Sonuga.


Crossbow, also known as Angela Connor, is a superhero who lives in Centium City as a groundskeeper. She was Skylar Storm's mentor when she first came to Earth, and taught her everything Skylar knows about being a hero.


  • Gloves: Crossbow has gloves powered by horologian pearls, just like the self-regeneration paddles at Mighty Med. The energy from the gloves can be directed away from her body to become an energy-like crossbow, or directed into her body to be used to repair the damage done to it, but when turned inside out.


Season 1

Powers & Abilities

  • Energy Weapon Constructs: She can create weapons (like crossbows) out of energy for various effects.
    • Explosive Arrows: In The List, she was able to shoot an arrow and explode the chip with The Superhero List on it.


  • Agility: She is also very agile.


  • She is the first superhero to appear in the series (not counting Kaz, Oliver and Skylar, as the former two who are in training, and the latter who is still uncertified)
  • She and Skylar Storm used to be really close before Mighty Med was destroyed.
  • Crossbow's role is similar to that of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, in that she was a mentor to Skylar, teaching her about being a hero. Like Obi-Wan, she was willing to die for the other superheroes, and sacrifices herself; unlike Obi-Wan, however, Kaz and Oliver managed to save her.



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