Doliver (Do/nald and O/liver) is the pairing of Donald Davenport and Oliver. Donald is Oliver's boss and mentor.  

They are portrayed by Hal Sparks and Jake Short.  

Other Names

  • Onald (O/liver + Do/nald)
  • Olivald (Oliv/er + Don/ald)
  • Donalver (Donal/d + Oli/ver)


Season 1

Holding Out for a Hero

  • Oliver had to save Mr. Davenport from falling off the side of the building.
  • Mr. Davenport made Oliver believe in himself and use his flight to save them.


  • Apart from Douglas, Oliver is more willing than others, even the Lab Rats, to call out Donald for being selfish or arrogant.
  • Both Oliver and Donald had similar problems trying to restore Skylar's/Bree's powers, and never did so themselves.


The image gallery for Doliver may be viewed here.


Davenhead Oliver Davenport
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