Donglas (Don/ald and Dou/glas), colloquially known as the Davenport Brothers, is the pairing between Douglas and Donald, the dads of the Lab Rats. 

They are brothers, and were formerly enemies. They started Davenport Industries together in 1992, but Donald kicked Douglas out after Douglas illegally created bionic superhumans. Even though Douglas was accepted again, he has a tendency to go behind Donald's back and do things, though Donald is somewhat used to it.

They are protrayed by Hal Sparks (Donald) and Jeremy Kent Jackson (Douglas).

Other Names

  • Dogald (Do/nald + Dou/g/las + Don/ald)
  • Dougald (Doug/as + Don/ald)
  • Donlas (Don/ald + Doug/las)
  • Doglas (Do/nald + Douglas)


Season 1



  • They were the first recurring characters announced.
  • Donald and Douglas will have the same arrangement as they did in Season 4 of Lab Rats; Douglas does work at Davenport Tower, while Donald is out, especially due to taking care of Tasha until Naomi is born.
  • Douglas calls Donald "Donny" and, in turn, Donald calls Douglas "Douggy". Both brothers hate their nicknames and will call the other by their nickname.


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