Fanmade Powers
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Ability Name Ability Description Creator of Ability
Water Power The power to control the waves, and shoot any kind of water out of your hand (ex: toxic water, salt water, freshwater, etc.). StarWarsBionicGirl1156
Ice Tips If you put your hands in water, you can freeze the water onto your fingertips, and if you touch something or somebody, they freeze instantly. DbzLabrats13
Fire Belch burps out fire and can be used as a cannon. Water8833
Superpower Override App When touching a superhero, Chase can use his override app to take control of their powers. MightyMed123
Ice Vision When using ice vision,your eyes shoot water, which everything it touches turns into ice. NitinLikesLabRats
Ice Sphere Projection It's just like Leo's main bionic ability in Lab Rats, except you throw ice spheres. NitinLikesLabRats
Heat Absorption The ability to asorb lasers and fire molecules, then unleash an ultimate attack at your enemy. NitinLikesLabRats