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Flight is the ability to suspend oneself in the air, as well as move freely through it. This was the first power bestowed by the Arcturion to Kaz and Oliver. This power (or variations of it) is owned by all members of the Elite Force, excluding Bree.


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The main advantage of this power is that the user can suspend themselves in the air, propel themselves in the air, and move freely around it without aid. The user can manipulate the air around them to fly, making it useful for air travel. The user can also control their flight speed.


Flight is an ability that's hard to master, and required coordination. While training, the user is prone to falling and crash landings, both of which can cause harm to the user. It also has the downside that the subject can not carry people while flying, anymore than they could normally lift someone, unless they are at least strong enough, or else they would just fall as well. Aside from that, this power doesn't have any specific weaknesses, for the extent of how far heroes can fly. Superheroes like Skylar or Tecton can fly outside of Earth's atmosphere, but Kaz and Oliver cannot. Flight can be hindered by less viscous mediums.


Levitation is a sub-ability of flight. It allows the user to suspend themselves in the air and move in any direction, but not propel themselves nor maneuver through it. It's unclear how long they can maintain this state or if there is even a limit; likewise, they do not appear able to rise too high as Chase and Bob only managed to get around five or six feet off the ground. Skylar briefly had this ability when she had the earth flu, as it was a weakened form of her ability to fly. Jade also obtained this ability when she became Remix in Mighty Med.



Season 1

Also Called

  • Flying
  • Levitation


  • Apparently, flight is an ability that hasn't been achieved through bionics yet, as Chase and Bree were surprised at seeing the ability. Also, the fact that no bionic person has the ability to fly was a running gag throughout Lab Rats. However, levitation (a form of flight) has been achieved with bionics, as it is the ability of Chase and Bob (the latter of whom is a former bionic soldier).


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