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A Force Field is the bionic ability and/or super power to create a barrier of energy around oneself or an object. It protects the user from any force and most energy attacks, but can also contain any object, being or energy. It is also used in separating and protecting targets from anything outside the force field. Chase can also create a force field ball that he can launch like a projectile. Chase can create force fields that can maintain themselves for sustained periods of time. Adept-level users like Skylar can create force fields that are not only self sustaining for long periods of time, but also large enough to encase an entire building.

Also Called

  • Energy Barrier Generation
  • Barrier Generation
  • Flyrogenesis
  • Deflection Field
  • Protection Bubbles
  • Ray Shields
  • Shielding


The effectiveness of the force field seems to depend on how adept the user is. Chase's force field can withstand bullets, lasers and atomic explosions, but gamma rays will cause his force fields to melt, and extraterrestrial vapor can shatter his force fields. Skylar's force fields seem to be able to withstand everything, but can only be broken with the Crystal of Kreln.  



Season One


  • Chase's force field is blue, whereas Scarlett's is yellow.


The image gallery for Force Field may be viewed here.

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