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(at Davenport tower where Chase is looking over Bree's shoulder)

Bree: Chase, why are you lurking? Do you not have anything better to do?

Chase: Would I be reading your private emails if I had anything better to do? By the way, typo, third line down.

Skylar: Hey Bree, want to get a frozen yogurt?

Chase: Absolutely.

Bree: She was talking to me.

Chase: Why can't I go, too?

Bree: Because you'll make us get sugar-free. Why are you being so needy?

Chase: Ever since I stopped being mission leader, I've been so bored. It's amazing how much time you have on your hands when you're not telling everyone else what to do.

Skylar: Maybe you need a hobby. What do you enjoy doing?

Chase: Telling everyone else what to do.

Skylar: Later, Chase.

(they exit as Kaz and Oliver enter

Chase: Hey, guys, what are you up to?

Kaz: Watching football. Our fantasy teams are going head-to-head today. Epic!

Oliver: Epic!

Chase: I like epic!

Kaz: Oh, uh... Yeah, no offense, Chase, but, uh, this is kinda like our tradition. Between us. Him and me.

Chase: Gotcha. So how do we play?

Oliver: Fantasy football isn't really played. The players' stats are given a point value...

Chase: This looks like math.

Kaz: What? Where? Get it off!

Chase: If I'm right, and I always am, you take the statistics and probabilities of the players based on previous numbers and extrapolate the outcomes.

Kaz: No, you don't. You see how well they played before, then pick them based off of that.

Chase: All right, but according to my formula, you should've started this guy, 'cause he's gonna score right about... (Crowd cheering on TV) Now.

Kaz: You're a football genius. Epic!

Chase: Epic!

Oliver: I like epic.

Chase: Kaz, no!

(Kaz turns on drone and it launches into the air)

Chase: That's one of Mr Davenports Drones

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