Glitching is when one's bionics or super powers begin to act up out of nowhere. They usually happen due to outside interference, or can come from a lack of self confidence. However, the most likely cause for glitch is lack of training/mastery over powers, as it usually happens to people who are using their bionics or their powers for the first time ever or in a long period of time. Bionics are more susceptible to glitches, because their bionics are not normally compatible with the human nervous system. As such, they need capsules to regularly calibrate their bionics to their nervous systems. When super powers glitch, it is due to lack of mastery, or just a lack of confidence in oneself.

List of Elite Force Glitches

Bree Davenport

Bionic Glitches

  • Bree's bionics have not glitched yet, likely due to her mastery of them, and the upgrade.

Super Power Glitches

  • After making indirect contact with the Arcturion in The Rock, Bree's new super powers glitched and triggered unintentionally, as she burned Skylar and a tablet with her Thermal Touch, and then created a Proton Ring without meaning to.
Screenshot 2016-09-11 at 7.14.31 AM-0

Chase's magnetism app spirals out of control.

Chase Davenport

  • When AJ hacks into Chase's chip in The Intruder, he accidentally causes his bionics to glitch, specifically his Magnetism App.



  • The entire focus of Holding Out for a Hero was about Oliver's glitches and how he can work to overcome them. His Cryo Blast only created ice cubes rather than actual blasts of ice, and his Waterspout Generation (aka Cyclone Fingers) went out of control and knocked Donald off of the terrace.
  • In Power Play, Oliver accidentally sprays water out of his fingers and hits Skylar and Chase with it.
  • He also glitched somewhat in The Superhero Code, as he broke some plates with his Super Strength, and then accidentally froze Bree's boots with his Cryo Blast. He was blamed for the damage done to Bree's belongings due to his glitching.

Skylar Storm

  • Due to not being completely used to her powers again, Skylar glitches a lot throughout The Superhero Code and damaged a lot of Bree's belongings, and then blamed it on Oliver. She specifically glitched with her Super Strength and Explosion Induction.


  • Oliver has glitched the most out of the team.
  • Oliver's, Skylar's, Kaz's, and Bree's glitches were natural, due to them not being used to their super powers at the time, while Chase's glitch was caused due to interference within his bionic chip. He would not normally glitch, due to the upgrade, and his mastery over his powers, which is the same reason why Bree's bionics have yet to glitch.
  • A lot of new abilities are discovered on accident through glitching, such as Bree's Thermal Touch and Proton Rings, and Kaz's Fire Grenades.

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