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(In penthouse at Davenport Tower)

Skaylar: (Comes down excited) Guys, I just got the best e-mail ever.

Oliver: Yes! I'd knew you like it. Took me two weeks to write that song.

Skylar: I didn't get an e-mail from you.

Bree: That's because he accidentally sent it to me. (She pulls out her phone and plays the song.)

Oliver: I'll keep you warm, Skylar Storm

. . .

Oliver: Skylar's gone for good.

Bree: What?

. . .

Bree: (surprised) You went in our room!?

Oliver: Who are we kidding? We all know I'm the mayor of Creepy Town.

. . .

Chase: What the heck was that?!

Bree: Thermo Nuclear Body Blast. Oh, did I not tell you I have superpowers now?

Chase: NO! (Turns to Kaz) Did you know about this!?

Kaz: I wanna say yes just to make you mad, but I didn't know that.

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