Hydrokinesis is the superhuman ability to create, control, and manipulate forms of water. Cryokinesis (possibly a sub-power for hydrokinesis), is the ability to create, control, and manipulate ice. Additionally, it is also referred to as a Cryo Blast.


A skilled user can successfully manipulate and create water in many different forms. An example is Oliver way of creating small, but strong cyclones from the palm of his hand. The form of water can then be used as a way to attack others and is shown to be very powerful, as seen when Oliver blew Donald Davenport off of Davenport Tower.

A skilled user can also create and manipulate forms of ice. It is most commonly seen as a beam that freezes upon contact. It is commonly used to freeze the molecules of any object, essentially leaving them frozen, as seen when Oliver froze Roman and Riker. This is especially useful against shapeshifters, who rely on rearranging their molecular structure in order to change form.

If used properly, both abilities have the potential to be very effective in combat.



Both powers rely on discipline and focus in order to be mastered, meaning that if the user is not focused, their powers can go haywire. In addition, these powers are hard to control and if not used properly, it will either be useless, or the power will be too powerful for the user to control and will not only be destructive to their opponents, but will also be a danger to the user, the environment around them, and even to the user's allies. So far, Oliver has shown three examples of the possible ways this power can go wrong:

  1. Oliver tried to use his Cryokinesis to freeze a water bottle and not only did the ice not leave his palm, but ice cubes dropped from his hand. This was because Oliver was distracted by Kaz's success in using his powers.
  2. Oliver was showing off his hand-generated cyclones to Kaz and Mr. Davenport, but it spiraled out of control. It resulted in Oliver knocking Kaz and Chase down and blowing Mr. Davenport off the building and onto a bust of Mr. Davenport's head. This was because Oliver got too cocky and believed that he could control the cyclone, even when it became obvious that he couldn't do so.
  3. Oliver was trying to flirt with Skylar and accidentally sprayed water all over her. He also accidentally sprayed water on Chase.



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