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Kalivee (Ka/z + O/liv/er + Br/ee) is the friendship of Bree, Kaz, and Oliver.

Other Names

  • Brolaz (Br/ee, Ol/iver and K/az)
  • Olibraz (Oli/ver, Br/ee and K/az)
  • Braziver (Br/ee, K/az and Ol/iver)
  • Olikree (Oli/ver, K/az and B/ree)
  • Kreever (K/az, B/ree and Oli/ver)




Season 1

Follow the Leader

  • They work together to save Chase, Skylar and Perry.
  • Bree gets annoyed that Oliver and Kaz keep using all the kitchen utensils to play "Topple the Tower".

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