I see making beds is not one of your bionic abilities.
— Kyle to Bree in The Superhero Code

Kyle is a character in Lab Rats: Elite Force. He is Kaz's younger brother.

He is portrayed by Tristan DeVan.


He has appeared in The Superhero Code, when he comes to the Davenport Tower Penthouse to visit The Elite Force. When Kaz is showing Kyle around, he takes him to Mission Command, where he is taken to the weapons room. There, he gets locked inside an electrical cage, and Kaz must show off his powers in order to save him.

At the end of the episode, Kaz tricks Kyle into thinking he is bionic, because according to The Superhero Code, superheroes can not disclose their identity of having superpowers.


Season 1


  • Kyle is Kaz's younger brother.
  • Kaz wants to impress him by telling him that he is a superhero, but he can't due to The Superhero Code, although he found out anyways when Kaz saved his life in the episode of the same name.
  • His favorite bionic hero is Chase, though he finds Chase to be rule-crazy.
  • He was more excited to see Bree and Chase than Kaz. This is most likely because he knows they are bionic and didn't know Kaz has superpowers. However, he found out at the end of "The Superhero Code" that Kaz had powers, but he thinks his powers are bionic abilities.
  • He likes to skateboard off of people's houses. (The Superhero Code)
  • He was first mentioned in the Mighty Med episode Alan's Reign of Terror, when Kaz attempts to remember all his siblings' names.
  • Kyle is Kaz's first family member to appear in the Elite Force Universe.
  • He sleeps in a race car bed. (The Superhero Code)
  • Growing up, he and Kaz never bonded. (The Superhero Code)
  • Just like his brother, Kyle also likes touching things.