Elite Force Wiki Trophy Case

This is the trophy case page for all awards won on the Elite Force wiki to be placed! If there is an award that's not on here, please contact an admin.

Elite Force Wiki Awards 2016
Most Active User

EmeraldTulip, Most Active User

Favorite User

EmeraldTulip, Favorite User

Favorite Staff Member

LabRatsFan123, Favorite Staff Member

Favorite Hero

Chase Davenport, Favorite Hero

Chattiest User

Duggie Davenport, Chattiest User

Favorite Episode

The List, Favorite Episode

Favorite Guest Character

Crossbow, Favorite Guest Character

Favorite Cast Member

Kelli Berglund, Favorite Cast Member

Fanfiction Contests

EmeraldTulip, April 2016


EmeraldTulip, May 2016