The Mission Suits are what The Elite Force team wears for protection when they go on a mission, like the suits Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo wore in Lab RatsThey were designed by Douglas and Chase in Need for Speed.



Season 1


  • The mission suits have the Elite Force logo on it, and for the boys, there are Es and Fs melded within the pattern of the suit. Why those are absent on the girls' suits is unknown, possibly because the girls' suits are all one piece but the boys have separate pants and jackets. The boys also seem to have thicker suits than the girls, making it easier to add more design than the girls.
  • Need for Speed is the first appearance of the mission suits.
    • In Need for Speed, Chase and Kaz competed against Douglas and Oliver to see who can design the best mission suit, before Chase and Douglas came together to design it themselves.
  • This is Chase and Bree's 3rd upgrade to their previous mission suits. For Skylar, this is the 1st.
  • These are Kaz and Oliver's first mission suits.
  • The suits are skin tight.
  • The suits were designed by Chase and Douglas.
  • The suits are similar to the ones in Lab Rats, and although they are matching, there is a little variation between them, much like Chase and Adam's old mission suits.
  • The color scheme was changed from Lab Rats. Their new mission suits are black and bright blue, whereas their old suits were black/gray and red. The logo has also changed to represent the new team.
    • As for Skylar's old suit, it was pink and black with a black jacket over it, and a gray lightning bolt in the middle, along with regular boots.
  • There were two mission suits that were not used for missions. They were created by Douglas and Chase and designed for Oliver and Kaz. However, they were too bulky and too impractical.
    • Douglas decided to keep Oliver's because he believed that he could make it work.
  • Each mission suit has a different pattern on the chest area and different patterns on the pants as well.