Molecularkinesis, or Telekinesis, is a bionic ability and/or superpower that allows users to have control of physical forces and move objects and people of a certain number, size, speed and weight with their mind and will. It works by manipulating a target's molecules, or at least the energy and force around the molecules, to move it in any direction at varying speed and while exerting varying amounts of force on the target. High-level users like Skylar are able to manipulate the molecules of objects, as she was able to manipulate the molecules in her hair to change the color of her highlights.

Superhero Code Image

Chase uses his molecularkinesis in The Superhero Code.


Molecularkinesis requires a lot of concentration and is harder to use on objects that are larger, or move faster. For example, Chase could only slow down Mr. Davenport's descent when he was falling, and could only hold a helicopter for so long. High level users like Skylar however, can lift and throw people with just one hand, and she can summon objects faster. When first learning to use the ability, it can be almost impossible to control. For example, when Chase first unlocked the ability, when he moved his hand, random objects would fly in the direction his hand moved even though Chase didn't want to use the ability. However, after he got the hang of it, he could move small items almost effortlessly.



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