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Bree: Douglas, you're here! (Hugs Douglas)

Chase: Guys, this is our uncle, Douglas. Well, technically, he's our father.

Bree: Yeah, like we'd ever call him that.

Kaz: Oh, you're the guy who tried to kill them... Nice to meet you!

Douglas: You too, Oliver. Though you're not nearly as scrawny as Chase said you were.

Oliver: That's because I'm Oliver.

Skylar: (Walks up to Douglas) Hi, I'm Skylar.

Douglas: (Shakes Skylar's hand) Ah, the alien girl. You know, I'm kind of disppointed. I thought you'd have three heads.

Skylar: Don't be silly. You shed the other two when you're a kid and leave them under your pillow for the head fairy.

Chase: Uh, good news. Skylar just got her powers back.

Kaz: And guess who got them back for her. (Gestures to Chase)

Chase: Okay... It was me.

Bree: A little Elite Force gossip: Scrawny's jelly because Bookworm got Alien her powers back.

Douglas: Okay... Alien's I can believe, but someone jealous of Chase... unfathomable. (Walks past them, patting Oliver on the shoulder) So... looks like I'll be staying here with you while my brother's gone.

Skylar: Where did Mr. Davenport go? I mean, not that I'm complaining. I think I speak for all of us when I say we could use a good break.

Douglas: (Sits down on couch) He went back home. He'll be checking in, but he wanted to be there with Tasha when the baby arrives.

Bree: Hm, probably so he can jam a bionic chip in its neck when she's not looking.

Douglas: Anyway, my first order of business while I'm here, is to design the team's new mission suits.

Chase: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no you're not. 'Cause I'm designing them. I started sketching up a prototype two weeks ago.

Douglas: I think we can all agree that the guy who created you, is much more capable of creating the mission suits.

Oliver: Yeah, 'cause Chase can't be trusted with anything! I mean, I'd like to be on Douglas's team please.

Kaz: I don't know I mean, Chase is the smartest guy in the world, and he did cure Skylar all by himself...

Chase: Thank you, Kaz. And I think we can also all agree that our mission suit shouldn't be designed by anyone who looks like a hipster porcupine.

Douglas: Okay. (Stands up) I see how it is. I guess Oliver and I will get to work on my version of the suit, while you and Kaz spin your wheels making something we'll never use.

Chase: That's right, we will.

Oliver: Yeah, you will.

Kaz: Yeah, we will. (To Chase) I'm sorry, what are we willing?

Chase: We are gonna make the most powerful, intimidating, take no prisoners mission suits ever! It's dress up time, and you just became my doll.

(Intro plays)

. . .

Bree: I guess when I saw you save that baby, I just freaked out, because super speed has always been my thing.

Skylar: I get it, but for the record, there's a lot more to you than just super speed.

. . .

(In the penthouse)

Bree: (Sits on couch) Ow! (Stands up and takes sharp object out) What's this?

Oliver: Elbow sword.

Chase: (Enters living room from HyperLift) Guys, we did it. Douglas and I put our heads together and worked non-stop over the past few days to create the team's new mission suits! And they're better than we could have ever imagined!

(Everyone tries on their suits out on the terrace.)

Oliver: Oh, yeah. We make this look good.

Skylar: (looks around) Hey, where's Douglas?

(Douglas gomes out, wearing Oliver's prototype suit.)

Douglas: Oh, I'm gonna make this work.

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