Olivas (Oliv/er and Dougl/as) is the friendship pairing between Oliver and Douglas Davenport. They appear to have a good friendship and are similar in many ways. In Need for Speed, Oliver was annoyed at first when Douglas didn't appreciate his ideas, at least until Douglas could not bear the thought of finishing second to Chase. Overall, they seem to get along.

They are protrayed by Jeremy Kent Jackson (Douglas) and Jake Short (Oliver).

Other Names

  • Dougliver (Doug/las and O/liver)
  • Doliver (Do/uglas and O/liver)
  • Olouglas (O/liver and D/ouglas)
  • Olilas (Oli/ver and Doug/las)


Season 1

Need for Speed

  • They worked together to design the team's mission suits.


  • They share several similarities:
    • They are both intelligent, but find themselves under appreciated by a family member; Oliver's achievements are undervalued by his mom, and Douglas was under appreciated by his older brother.
    • They both have a love interest/someone they had feelings for who turned evil: Skylar for Oliver, Giselle for Douglas.
    • They have a fear of needles, though Oliver's is more extreme than Douglas's, as he's afraid of every kind of needle.
    • They both have medical skills.
    • Just as Oliver was betrayed by his mom, Douglas was betrayed by his son Marcus (though Douglas was the betrayer to begin with).
  • Douglas once was once an evil parent, as is Oliver's mother, making their relationship a stark contrast to that of Oliver and his mother. 
  • Douglas thought Kaz was Oliver based on Chase's description.
  • Oliver worked with Douglas just to get back at Chase.


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