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Pyrokinesis is the bionic ability and/or superpower allowing a person to create or control fire with their mind. A person can create fire balls, fire streams, intense and burning heat, and even fire grenades.



Pyrokinesis requires discipline to control. Users who lack proper control may end up triggering their power uncontrollably. If a person yawns or probably sneezes, he/she might shoot a fire grenade out of his/her mouth.



  • Bionic pyrokinesis works differently from its superpower cousin in the case that bionic soldiers, (such as Sebastian and Jenny) can only summon briefer flames from their palms, or just heat up their palms to very high levels like "Thermo Hands" unlike superheroes, such as Kaz and Solar Flare, who can generate fire from their entire hand and maintain it.
    Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 10.42.35 PM
    • The extent of Bionic/Superhero hybrid pyrokinesis has not been explored - as of now, burning by touch ("Thermal Touch") is the only known ability.


Also Called

  • Flame Control
  • Fire Manipulation
  • Fire Release/Katon
  • Fire Bending
  • Fire Element Control
  • Agnikinesis
  • Thermal Touch


The image gallery for Pyrokinesis may be viewed here.

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