Reese is a character in Lab Rats: Elite Force, who went out briefly with Chase before revealing herself to be Roman & Riker's sister and Rodissius' daughter.

She is portrayed by Fivel Stewart.




Chase Davenport (faked relationship)

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Reese first appears as Chase's girlfriend and it's evident Chase is very excited about this, even going so far to tell Douglas to not let her leave when he has to go on a mission with The Elite Force. When it is revealed that she used him to get the list of superheroes, he is left devastated.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shapeshifting: She can manipulate her molecular structure to change forms into anything she desires (a person, animal, a ball of light or a cloud known as the Black Swarm) in order to deceive enemies.
  • Laser Projection: She was able to fire lasers out of each of her fingers and blasted Douglas in his eyes, nostrils, and mouth. She said it would leave a permanent reminder of what he was dealing with, meaning that she likely scarred his insides.


  • Deception/Manipulation: She was able to decieve and manipulate Chase into thinking that she liked him so that she could get into Mission Command of the Davenport Tower Penthouse and steal the list of superheroes.


Season 1


  • She pretended to be Chase's girlfriend in order to infiltrate Mission Command and get the list of superheroes.
  • She is portrayed by Booboo Stewart's actual sister, Fivel Stewart.
  • She is more powerful than her brothers.
  • She was shown in the series finale.
  • She has twelve siblings.
  • Reese has the honor of being the last villain introduced in the Elite Force Universe.


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