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(At Davenport Tower in the penthouse, Kaz and Oliver are sitting at a table...)

Oliver: Okay, the timer is set. Nothing better than pranking new victims on Halloween.

Kaz: This is perfect. Bree just did her hair and Chase has no sense of humor. What could possibly go wrong?

Oliver: They have no idea what's about to hit them.

Bree: So, are we just gonna pretend that we don't notice Kaz and Oliver plotting something over there?

Chase: It's easier that way. I'm not getting involved until something explodes.

(Skylar comes down and Oliver goes over to her.)

Oliver: Hey, Skylar. I just wanted to remind you about my standing offer for one romantic dinner, and that offer also applies to romantic lunch, breakfast, smoothie and other selectic beverages.

Skylar: Sure. How about dinner tonight?

Oliver: I get it. You're busy. I totally understand. (He walks off, but runs back) Wait, did you just say yes?

Kaz: Oliver, you can't do dinner tonight. We have plans. Annual Halloween pranks. We've been doing them together since we were eight. (Points to Bree and Chase) New victims.

Skylar: Oh, I'm so sorry. I totally forgot that it was Halloween. We can do dinner tomoorrow.

Oliver: No. No, no, no. You already said yes. You can't take it back. We're doing this! (Runs to kitchen and gathers plates) She said yes. All right, where do I begin? (Timer goes off and pumpkin explodes on him.) Hey, I still have a date with Skylar. Not even a nose full of pumpkin can change that.

(Intro plays)

(In Mission Command)

Kaz: (Runs in) Chase, help! I was flying around the city and I clipped a radio tower!

Chase: (Looks at him) You'll be fine.

Kaz: Oh come on! What gave it away?

Chase: Rubber arm, fake blood, and you have two left hands.

Kaz: (Takes rubber hand off) I'm not Oliver. All my pranks are lame.

. . .

Kaz: (Drinks serum and coughs) I'm assuming that's supposed to be injected, not swallowed.

. . .

(On the terrace)

Skylar: Dinner was delicious, Oliver.

. . .

Oliver: I have a few things I wanna say to Kaz first. (Walks over to sheep) (To Chase and Skylar) Could you give us some space?

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