Skaziver (Sk/ylar + K/az + Ol/iver) is the friendship of Skylar Storm, Kaz, and Oliver. This pairing started in Mighty Med and has continued into Lab Rats: Elite Force. They're also known as the Mighty Med Trio of the Elite Force.

Other Names

  • Skolivaz (Sk/ylar + Oliv/er + K/az)
  • Kazivlar (Kaz + Ol/iv/er + Sky/lar)
  • Zyliver (Ka/z + Sk/yl/ar + Ol/iver)
  • Skykaziver (Sky/lar + Kaz + Ol/iver)
  • Mighty Med Trio


Having known each other for years, and having each other's backs on several occasions, they have become best friends. They met in Mighty Med when Oliver and Kaz became doctors and Skylar lost her powers. They eventually became great friends and an inseparable trio.


Season One

The Rise of Five

  • They waited behind a hologram for 3 hours together.
  • Kaz wanted Skylar and Oliver to back him up

Coming Through the Clutch

  • they watch Clutch's Weight lifting

The Rock

  • Skylar made sure that Kaz and Oliver wouldn't touch the Arcturion and hurt (or possibly kill) themselves.


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