Super Senses is a bionic ability or superpower where the user's senses are unnaturally more acute. The senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more acute than the average human. For example, users with superhuman hearing can hear at frequencies beyond audible hearing range, even more than a dog can.


Users with these senses might be extremely sensitive; for example in Chase's case if a sound reaches a certain noise threshold, it will trigger his hearing, and it will feel painful. Skylar does not seem to have this problem because hers is natural to her species. They are also more vulnerable to smells and have gigantic sneezes when things (such as dust) go up their nostrils. In addition, if the user has specific allergies, it can hinder their senses. Skylar and Chase hae both been shown to have Microscopic Vision as well.



  • Chase's super senses work differently from Skylar's and Scarlett's; he has to consciously activate his super hearing if wants to overhear a certain conversation.
    • This could be because Skylar's and Scarlett's super senses are natural, whereas Chase's are artificial.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Senses