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Adding Categories To Pages is the best way to help organize this wiki. Adding categories allows us to find similar pages, organize or content, and get more viewers on our articles. Adding Categories to Pages is one of the things our users struggle on the most. To make sure you're not tagged with this, please add the appropiate categories, a notice or warning will result if this rule is not followed.

Appropiate categories consist of:

  • Cast (Main Cast, Recurring Cast, Guest Cast, and Minor Cast, Male Cast, Female Cast, Actors, Actresses)
  • Characters (Main Characters, Recurring Characters, Guest Characters, and Minor Characters, Normos, Heroes, Bionic, Villains, Superpowed, Bionic)
  • Powers (Powers, Superpowers, Bionic Abilities)
  • Episodes (Season 1, Season 1 Episodes, Aired Episodes, Unaired Episodes)
  • Galleries (Main Character Galleries, Pairing Galleries, Cast Galleries, Episode Galleries, Character Galleries, Relationship Galleries)
  • Pairings (Relationships, Friendships)

(If you are not sure on what category to add, we recommend you asking an administrator or content moderator)

Happy Editing!

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