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A good way to communicate with your fellow users and visitors on this wikia (and the wikia network) is by using the chat feature. Chat is quite simple and is easy to use. All you have to do is click the "Start a Chat" or "Join the Chat" button in the box "Live! Chat" our sidebar (on the right hand side). Then, all you have to do is follow up the conversation or conversate about the Elite Force or the Elite Force Fandom. But, before you start, we have chat policies that you need to note.

All of our policies are important, but here are the ones we are sticklers about:

  • No profanity/inappropriate language
  • No disturbing/inappropriate topics
  • Be careful with giving out personal information
  • Do not offend, scare, or put down other users
  • Do not spam in chat
  • Accept the opinions of others
  • Listen to chat moderators/administrators at all times
  • Roleplaying MUST relate to Elite Force

(To see more details on our rules, go to our chat policies)

Emoticons are also simple to use on our wiki. Just type in ":)" or "(heart)" to make the emoticons. These will allow you to express your feelings and emotions. For a full list of emoticons, visit this page.

Private messages are private conversations between you and one other user. If you are in a private message room with someone, you have the ability to stop receiving their private messages by selecting "block private messages" in their username menu. This setting is permanent and Wikia-wide until you select "Allow private messages" from their menu in the general chat room.

Another chat feature we have is ChatHacks. ChatHacks give you the ability to have Multi-PM's, which is pretty self-explanatory: a PM with multiple users. Another feature we use are ping-phrases. How this works, is you hover over "Ping phrases" in the top, left hand corner, and in the box you will see your name. Anything else you add to this, whenever a user says that phrase, you will hear a sound, alerting you. Some of the other options are self-explanatory on chat, such as "Clear", and "AFK (Away From Keyboard)".

The one other chat feature we have, is ChatTags. This allows users to use special fonts, colors, etc in their text, along with add videos & images to chat. A complete guide on how to use this can be found here.

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