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Communicating with Staff is like communicating with your friends, Easy! But, we have some ground rules on this wiki that are very important. First, you must respect all users (including the staff member) that you are talking to and/or about. You must also have a good attitude. If you are not sure that you are establishing a good attitude, you may add a happy face ":)" at the end of your message to show that you were trying to be polite (sarcasm shouldn't be applied). Lastly, please don't be scared or offended to talk to any staff member (even if you have been blocked, reminded, or warned by them). If a staff member offends you or you don't feel comfortable with talking to a staff member for anything, please contact a bureaucrat so they may handle that accordingly.

Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules for treating all staff and users with respect:

  • Respect each user: If you do not respect each user, it may cause tension between an you and the user. Then, a bureaucrat will have to get involved adding more stress to the situation.
  • Establish a Good Attitude: When you have a good attitude, staff is more likely to respond earlier and with a happy attitude back to you.

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