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Disnickfanatic's Userpage (Click to expand picture)

Here on this wiki, we encourage all of our users to update there profile pages (especially if they are staff). On userpages, you will be able to share your personality, wiki timeline, userboxes, positions, and etc. And guess what? Customizing your userpage is simple! Just follow the steps below for a perfect user page.

Step by Step to editing your userpage:

  1. Click your user icon on the right hand corner of your userpage.
  2. Click "Edit Profile" on the type right corner of the editing space provided.
  3. Insert custom information or "How to make a Perfect Userpage" Information.

Step by Step to a Perfect Userpage

  1. Add an introduction to your userpage: When you add an introduction to your userpage, you allow people to see your personality. With this, it allows users to see what you are good at and what you are comfortable with. (If you get accepted by staff, add this to your page)
  2. Win an Wiki Award, put it on your page: Showing your awards on your profile page is not bragging. It is like a trophie case. It allows people to see your talents and skill. You will most likely get users and staff to trust you more.
  3. Add Userboxes: Like someone, something, a pairing, or are you a staff member. Add the Userbox to your userpage! Just go to the Userbox page to find it and place it using the instructions given to you. If you do not see one that you would like, contact an administrator with Wiki Text Coding experience or comment on the Userbox Page requesting that userbox.
  4. Timeline of your Past on the Wiki: Won a reward, became a staff member, got in the leaderboard, etc. Post it on your userpage under a monthly, weekly, or daily time range.
  5. Ask for Input: Ask a staff member or an administrator for input on your user page. They will tell you what they think of it.

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