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Disputes are very common on the Wikia network and we have a very small amount of admins when comparing it to the amount of users on our wiki. We try to get them all resolved, but sometimes we need help from our users. As a non-admin, if you see violators, spammers, or trolls on this wiki, please follow the below steps to get everything resolved.

  1. First, we recommend you report it to an active admin or the admin that was on the wiki last. Chances are, if you report to an active admin, or the one on the wiki last, you will get a response the quickest. Be sure to also start clearing up any spam they are creating, with rollback, etc.
  2. If you don't get a response in a descent time range and the violator is still messing up content, we recommend you to report it to another admin in hopes that they get the message. Also, be sure you are continuing to clear the spam. It may be hard work, but it makes it easier on the admins.
  3. If this doesn't work in 30 minutes after your message, please contact another active admin and keep reverting the edits. Pretty soon, an admin should respond, and will be able to block the user/users completely.

The link to contact the Administrators.

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