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Adding media is a great way to keep people reading an article. It allows the viewer to be enriched with not only good writing, but good pictures. It allows us to feel the article as well. And guess what, adding images and videos are easy, too.

Step by Step (Directly Adding Images and Videos)

  1. If you have a photo you need to upload, you must have saved it to the cloud, download files, or screenshot before you add a photo. If you have a video, you need to have a link copied and ready to paste.
  2. Click contribute in the right hand corner of the wiki navigation bar.
  3. Click "Add Photo" or "Add Videos" dependant of what you desire to add.

If you have a photo, you must upload a maximum of a 10 MB file. You may also add a discription if you choose. If you have a video, you may look through the Wikia Video Library or enter the URL. (Description may be asked of you)

Step by Step (Adding Images and Videos in Visual Editor)

IMG 20160613 080418 024
  1. Open up visual editor by clicking edit to the article that you want to put pictures on.
  2. Click the video icon (the first icon) or the picture icon (the second icon) that appears in the picture depending on the one you desire to enter.
    1. If you haven't uploaded the media, you will be able to upload it (picture) or add the link (video) there.
  3. Enter in the file's name (unless you completed the step above) and you should be able to click the "+" to get it.

Enjoy your media!

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