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Making A Page Look Good is quite simple and is easy to do. Adding key information and acceptable categories allows the content to be enriching to the user.

The following are certain general components that will make a page look good:

  • Add an Infobox: Adding Infoboxes allows an article to look appeasing. By using infoboxes on article pages, you will be able to insert a various amount of information.
  • Add Categories: By adding categories to an article, you will allow the content to be more organized. Thus, attracting more viewers and allowing the users to find information on similar articles.

Making a Character Page Look Good: Some components needed and recommended in a Character Page are listed below, for an example, see Chase Davenport (one of our best pages with the most information):

  • Add Brief Summary: At the top of the page, we recommend that you put a brief and short summary of the character. This can include relation to protagonists, if they are superpowered or bionic, etc. When one adds a good brief summary, it engadges the viewer to want to read the article.
  • Add Headings: Adding Headings are a perfect way for viewers to be able to navigate an article easier. These headings consist of things from Biography to Trivia.
    • Add "Biography" Heading: A biography is something more difficult on this wiki to make, but it is recommended to achieve. The Biography is about an extended summary of the character. It should also be updated ever-so-often.
    • Add "Personality" Heading: Everyone likes to know a character's personality. Are they sweet, funny, mean, smart, unique, well without the personality section, viewers will not know. By adding Personality Content, you will be able to find the users personality easily.
    • Add "Power and Abilities" Heading: If the user has supernatural abilities are an augmented condition, this should be noted on their character page. Visitors will be able to find the actual powers and augmented abilities of the Character and will appreciate it.
    • Add "Trivia" Heading: Many people love to play games and have fun. Well, with a trivia section, they can. By adding a trivia section, visitors will be able to find various information and/or misc. facts.

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