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Boy (AJ): My name is AJ. I live a floor above you guys. (To Douglas)Are you gonna drop the weapons or are you seriously afraid of a little kid?

. . .

AJ: That's right. I didn't have to break into Mission Command. I broke into you.

. . .

(In Mission Command)

Chase: (Clapping) I'm really impressed that you tapped into my chip. You are so much smarter than I am. Stop making me say things! And stop making me clap!

Chase: Don't encourage him! This is a major security breach!

Douglas All right, fine. Fun's over. AJ, give me the tablet.

(Tablet goes flying and sticks to Chase, along with other metal objects)

Chase: Ow! Douglas, what's going on?

Douglas When AJ tapped into your chip, he must've caused a glitch. Your Magnetism App has gone haywire. Oh no. It's a heavy bracelet day. (Douglas gets pulled in by app and stuck)

AJ: See, this is why kids shouldn't play with technology.

. . .

Skylar: Yeah, we can't do that.

Douglas: Why not?

Kaz: Oh, see, we're having this contest—guys vs. girls, to see who can go the longest without using their powers for trivial things.

Chase: Saving my life is not a trivial thing!

Oliver: I don't know. Should we put it to a vote?

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