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(At Davenport Tower)

Chase: (Enters penthouse with box) Check it out guys. Mr. Davenport sent us a box from Mission Creek.

Bree: As long as he's not in it, then yay!

Chase: (Opens box) Cool! It's some of our old technology.

Kaz: Look, a Daven-note. 'Dear Elite Force, I'm turning the basement into a nursery for the new baby, so please keep some of these things at the penthouse for me.'.

Oliver: He's raising a baby in the basement? That kid's gonna have some serious issues. (Bree glares at him.)

Kaz: What's this?

Chase: A cyber cloak. it's a virtual body disguise. It can make you take on anyone's appearance. One time, I got stuck looking like Bree and had to go to a school dance with a guy named Jake.

Oliver: Same thing happened to me! Not the cyber cloak. Texting mishap. Long story, I'll tell you about it later.

Kaz: And then I'll tell you about how I orchestrated the whole thing. (Oliver becomes annoyed as he picks up an object) Hey, what's this?

Chase: Hey, be careful. That's a memory wipe. It can erase minutes, hours, or years of someone's memory.

Oliver: (Grabs Neural Scrambler) Hey. Maybe I can use this on Skylar and she'll forget all the stupid things I've said and wanna date me.

Bree: It's a memory wipe, not a miracle maker.

Kaz: So, how does this thing–? (Zaps himself) Hey, what's this? (Chase takes the Neural Scrambler away from him)

. . .

Skylar: It's also a great way to share recipes. Red Assassin loved my banana muffins.

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