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(Kaz and Oliver are laying on the couch with ice packs all over them and groaning.)

Skylar: Just so you know, nothing about this picture says 'superhero'.

Bree: (Comes downstairs.) Hey guys. Guess what? Tasha and my baby sister are coming to visit.

Kaz: Oh, great. We finally get to meet the woman that has to spend every waking moment with Mr. Davenport. Never mind us. She's the real hero.

(Chase comes out of the HyperLift.)

Bree: Where have you been?

Chase: Fighting father time. Have you seen what I look like on Kaz's app? I'm trying to come up with a device to reverse the aging process. I've been up all night splitting molecules and splicing DNA.

Bree: Wow, Chase. Only you can make the phrase 'Up all night' sound boring.

. . .

Tasha: (Takes Naomi from Bree) Oh, my little muffin. Oh, I hope she never grows up.

Chase: I can help you with that.

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