Are you the hair and makeup lady? 'Cause if so, we need to talk.

Tony is a guest character in Lab Rats: Elite Force who appeared in Need for Speed.

He is portrayed by Johnathan McClain.


In the beginning of Need for Speed, he is excited about having Bree be in the Bree-zers commercial, and the fact that after everyone sees the commercial, the shoes will sell really fast. By the end of the episode, he is upset with Bree and Skylar for cheating in their race against each other, saying no one likes a cheater who's been caught.


Tony was seen to be a salesman-like individual, giving him pushy, strict, and bossy characteristics. While he was nice to Skylar and gave positive input to her, he was stern and harsh to Bree (because of her vanity), thus giving him a push for Skylar.


Season 1


  • He thinks Bree didn't put on enough makeup, and mistook Skylar as the makeup lady so he asked her to put more makeup on Bree. He also stated that Skylar was a natural beauty.
  • He used compliments for Bree and Skylar to help him make money.


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