Two Simultaneous Abilities is the concept of utilizing two bionic abilities or two superpowers at the same time.


Using two abilities at once is incredibly dangerous to try, especially for a bionic superhuman. Doing so can put stress on the user's nervous system, which has the potential to kill them. For example, Chase attempted this twice in Lab Rats, but doing so caused him to faint. However, it seems superpowered beings have less of a problem using two abilities at once. For example, Skylar used her super speed and super strength on Bree in a race, and Scarlett maintained a space portal while firing a blast at Skylar.




  • While it is dangerous for a bionic human to use two abilities at once, it's unknown if using a super power and a bionic ability simultaneously is equally dangerous.
  • This ability, like Super-Strength, has been used by all the main characters.
  • The first appearance of a user using abilities simultaneously was in the previous Lab Rats series, "Lab Rats." Where in the episode "Sink Or Swim (Part 2)" Chase uses telekinesis and his magnetism app simultaneously to escape a steel forcefield.

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